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The Top 3 Destinations For International Relocation

The Top 3 Destinations For International Relocation

Although 2020 saw a decrease in the number of outbound United States movers looking for a total change of landscape and culture, international relocations still made up a considerable portion of moving traffic. Now, as 2021 is in full swing, we are returning to more predictable times, and with it comes the ability to begin planning for a move abroad. If you’ve been thinking about an international move, but don’t know exactly where to being, Quick Professional Movers has you covered. Today, we’re taking a deeper dive into the 2020 international moving trends we have observed, and what this means for prospective movers. Learn about our Top 3 international destinations and what is drawing newcomers to these countries.

International Relocation: Japan

Thinking of moving to Japan from the US? You aren’t alone! According to our 2020 Migration Patterns Survey, Japan was the top international destination for movers originating in the United States. What exactly is drawing Americans to Japan? Overall, it seems to be a mix of cultural aspects as well as job opportunities abroad that not only make Japan appealing, but also an accessible country for foreigners.

Why are people moving to Japan?

Japan offers a substantially different culture built on respect and community, which is appealing for those who love to always meet new people and be on the move. Respect is ingrained in Japanese culture and is even visible in the language itself with phrases conjugated for politeness. Japanese history dates to ancient times with many famous landmarks still popular attractions today (several of which are named World Heritage centers). And while the culture is vastly different from American culture, the country remains accessible to Americans because of how common and valued the English language is. English teachers are always in-demand, and many businesses have international relationships with English-speaking countries. In cities like Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, and Sapporo, you can expect a place full of sights to see, cuisine to try, and busy streets to explore.

International Relocation: South Korea

The next most popular international destination for outbound US movers according to our 2020 survey is South Korea. Much like Japan, the appeal of South Korea is the promise of experience a unique culture, atmosphere, and landscape without a significant language barrier. Why else are people moving from the US to South Korea in 2021? Let’s break it down.

Why are people moving to South Korea?

Perhaps one of the most attractive appeals for Americans looking to relocate internationally is the standard of living in South Korea. This Southeast Asian country offers clean, high-tech, modern cities with well-maintained infrastructure. According to Expat Arrivals, cities like Seoul are made up of tight-knit communities of foreigners with meet-ups and parties that aim to give new arrivals a shoulder to lean on. South Korea is also known for its cheap, public healthcare system which is noticeably different from the United States. Much like Japan, English is also in high-demand due to international relations and English’s status as the world’s most common lingua franca—second language. Teaching often serves as an avenue for Americans to start their life in South Korea. South Korea blends the modern appeal of exciting and enjoyable city life with a country rich in cultural heritage, including popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Changdeokgung Palace Complex, the Gyeongju Historic Areas, and the Hwaseong Fortress.

International Relocation: Germany

Wondering if it’s worth moving to Germany? According to our 2020 Migration Patterns Survey, most of our outbound US movers think so. In 2020, Germany ranked as the third most popular destination for US movers looking to expand their horizons in a new country. What makes this European country so appealing? Let’s take a closer look.

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