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How To Properly Pack and Move Your Boxes???

How To Properly Pack and Move Your Boxes???

You would think that packing your boxes is self-explanatory. But you are totally wrong. A well-packed mobile box is not just a random item placed in a box. While this may seem simple at first, unpacking will turn out to be a nightmare, and your luggage will have a higher chance of breaking during the movement.

There are several systems that will make your packing, moving, and delivery even easier and safer. See this guide to learn the proper way to pack moving boxes and prepare for your trip.

Do not overload boxes

You want your boxes to be full, but you do not want them to be too heavy. If you cannot move the boxes alone, you need to repack them. Leaving the box too heavy means you will need at least two people to carry it, and that can be a bigger problem than it deserves.

So what is the proper weight of boxes? Well, that depends on the size.

Consider the Weight of the Pack

Some items are very heavy and the small boxes are not yet small enough. Picture yourself packing a box full of books. Even if you can move that size box without a problem, if it is full of books, it becomes a different story.

Heavy items like books should be packed in smaller quantities, much smaller than your regular boxes. It can be frustrating to break these things down into smaller stacks, but unless you want to fight the heavy box, that’s the way to go.

Pack Your Boxes For Fully Filled

Didn't you just say we don't overfill our boxes? Yes, but there is a difference between overloading a box and packing it full. You do not want your boxes to be too hard to hold, but you want them to be filled to the brim.

Why is this? Because the boxes are packed during shipping, and if the box is not fully loaded, it may fall off. If you do not have enough kitchen items to fill your kitchen storage box, fill the remaining space with paper or other packaging materials before closing it. This will keep it from cracking and damaging the contents.

If You Can't Close The Door, Remove Something

The lid of your box should be able to close easily. If the lid is bent or cracked when you close it, remove a few objects and try again. Overcrowded boxes can explode during movement, so it is always best to grab an extra box instead of trying to squeeze the last few items into an already packed one.

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