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A move cannot be improvised! Select several nearby businesses, and compare them to arrive at the best decision. It is important to compare the quotes, as well as to bring in an expert who can assess the volumes to be transported and the costs to be anticipated.


Moving is an event that we all face at some point in our lives: whether it is when leaving the family cocoon for a first apartment, or in the context of studies or a new job. However, this is a very rarely pleasant one-time act that we all seek to complete as soon as possible. A successful move requires the use of a good moving company: here are some tips for choosing one ingeniously.

A Company Near You

The location of the moving company is important. Indeed, do not forget that you pay the moving truck in part by the mileage, and the movers by the hour of work. Thus, choosing a moving company near you is essential to minimize these two costs.


Information: A Capital Data

Entrusting your furniture is entrusting your “little home”: these are objects that certainly have a financial value, but also often a sentimental value. It is therefore essential to inquire about the removal company envisaged to know the feedback from former customers (opinions), the care with which the movers handle and move your belongings, all this in order to avoid damage and possible theft. In addition to the possible damage, finding out about the moving company will allow you to form an opinion on its accuracy, efficiency, and punctuality. Do not hesitate to ask your questions directly to the company on its availability, deadlines, guarantees, and insurance, as well as other details of its services.

Valuable Time Saver

The first advantage of using a professional mover is to be able to save considerable time by doing other things. You can even organize your move without moving a finger. Indeed, there are different formulas ranging from the simplest to the most complete including packaging, unpacking, disassembly, assembly, etc.


Likewise, what saves valuable time is also having good organization during the move. Professionals already have enough experience in this area and know where to start to be as organized as possible. Indeed, there are steps to follow in order to optimize both time and space. That said, even in terms of storage and arrangement of boxes in the truck in order to transport as many goods as possible at once.


Complete Equipment

Calling on a professional mover also means enjoying a move with complete and professional equipment. These are essential in particular to facilitate the movement of furniture in case they have difficulty going through the window, for example. This is the case of the furniture lift, especially if the furniture in question is several floors up.


Choose a professional company with accreditation

Similarly, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, we advise you to use a professional moving company.


The Invaluable Quote


The rates offered can vary significantly from one moving company to another. It is therefore essential to make between 3 and 4 estimates and to study the different services to which they give you access, so as to properly assess the cost of your move. Thus, using a platform listing a multitude of different professional movers can be useful to easily and quickly compare the prices of different moving companies.


If you plan to move your belongings yourself, you will need to:


      Rent a truck

      Hire a hand truck to transport heavy appliances

      Buy safety shoes

      Make sure your friends will be there

      Be aware that it is your civil liability insurance that covers possible injuries during transport

      Buy boxes, tape, permanent markers, bubble wrap

      Pack your valuables or fragile items

      Make your boxes by balancing the weight

      On D-Day, make multiple round trips and pay a lot of gas


You understood it's not easy.


Also, is it really that economical?

There are indeed many unknowns in this equation. Imagine that the majority of your friends do not show up, or that the person who is supposed to drive the truck is not available, that you do not have the tools necessary to dismantle your furniture...

You will have wasted endless time, been exhausted, taken unnecessary risks, and ended up spending more money than expected. But rest assured, there is another solution.


A moving company for your peace of mind

Yes, you can delegate all or part of this work to professional movers.

Beforehand, you will of course have to do your homework: ask for written quotes, compare the services offered, check that the mover of your choice has adequate insurance, and plan a visit to your home.


You will then have peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with an experienced professional.


But what are the benefits you can choose from?

Know that you can delegate the packing of your goods. The moving company can take care of packing all your boxes, and even unpacking them once at the destination. Your valuables will even be given special attention.

Your professional mover has comprehensive insurance in the event of damage.

He is an expert in handling heavy or fragile objects or furniture. You can benefit from a crane for this type of property.


Finally, for the transport of these goods, it is necessary to hold a heavy vehicle license if you plan to opt for a truck. This then makes it possible to reduce the number of round trips. Indeed, the professional mover has the ideal truck for transporting goods. It depends on the volume of the goods as well as their size.


These are details to be specified when requesting a quote. Moreover, a site visit must be done before D-Day if it is a professional company. This makes it possible to have an exact estimate of the volume of the goods in question.



The choice of a moving company is not made at short notice the day before the move. Indeed, choosing the right moving company to avoid unpleasant surprises in your "new home" takes time: preliminary research, comparison of several quotes, preliminary visit with the companies selected, final choice. To help you save time, especially on the first two stages of your decision, we have partnered with to allow you an easy comparison of several quotes provided by professional removal companies near you. 

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