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Full Service Moving Company | Book Best Movers in Dubai

Full Service Moving Company | Book Best Movers in Dubai

Relocation becomes a headache problem when you hire an inexperienced mover for the relocation of your home, villa, office, or warehouse. Some mover company has experience in one specific area, not in full service.

Services are:

1.     Dismantle

2.     Packing

3.     Loading

4.     Unloading

5.     Unwrap

6.     Assembled

Always hire those mover companies which provide all these services with full experience. Experience is very important because company labor will move your precious items.

I will let you know all these points in brief detail:

1.     Dismantle:

The first step that the mover starts to do is dismantle your items, like bed, etc. After dismantling it, the next step is disconnecting all electronics goods like washing machines, AC, etc. The company should send an experienced person to dismantle because it’s very difficult to work to do. Need full attention while doing this, if a little mistake can be a big problem.

2.     Packing:

After dismantling, the next step is packing. Packing needs to be properly. Mostly Mover Company brings packing material like boxes, wrapping material, etc with them. That’s best to tell them to bring with you because you mostly bring fewer or not proper boxes. Packing should be proper and place numbers on them like one-bed things should be named “bed 1”. This will help in reassembling.

3.     Loading:

After packing and wrapping all the items and checking those items which are so much precious like glasses and other important materials. After packing now, it’s time for loading into a vehicle. Loading is important to handle items with care, by using safe hands.

4.     Unloading:

While reaching the destination, which provides by you to the company driver is unloading service come. While unloading, told the manager of the mover company that handles your items with care. It's better that unload items first and then place items inside the new location. While unloading items unload those items first which have chances of breaking like glasses, fridge, etc.

5.     Unwrap:

Place all items in a room according to the decoration of the room. Then unwrap them according to numbers. Don’t allow them to unwrap all items at the same time, this becomes a problem and more headache for you. Because in any case, you want to change room then it will be difficult to take an item which will be unwrapped.

6.     Assembled:

The next thing is assembling your items. Mostly told them to use that person who dismantle items to assemble it again because that person knows how he/she dismantle them and how to write numbering on them.

The most company say that they provide all services but they don’t have experience in all fields. So you should be careful before hiring.

QuickProfessional Movers is the best movers in Dubai and also has a branch in Sharjah as well. We provide full services from A to Z. It's better to hire a good company for relocation. Contact us to get a 10% discount as well, feel free to call us at +971 55 479 5577 and email us at info@quickprofessionalmovers.com for a quote.

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