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Frequently Ask Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions

Before you move, you'll need to know where you are moving to, when you would like to move, and have a good idea of the things you want to move. Then you can start by requesting a free online quote from Quick Professional Movers here: Instant Moving Quote. Or use this link to find a local Quick Professional Movers you may contact directly: We are always ready to help you 24/7. For all your major and minor Moving, Packing, Relocation, Shifting needs, call us at 055 479 5577 today to get the best offer.

There are easy ways to book a move with us. You can call us on phone or send a message on WhatsApp or can visit our offices to avail our services.

You or a representative on your behalf needs to be available for the entire move. Often times questions come up that the movers need someone available to answer. They will also need someone to verify that everything that needs moved is loaded and unloaded.

Yes, it is important to empty drawers on most items, except for dressers and chest of drawers. The quick professional movers will make sure to secure the drawers as they move your furniture.

  • Dressers and chest of drawers can have clothing only. No books, jewelry, or heavy items.
  • Overly large dressers and armoires should be completely empty.
  • Standard two-drawer file cabinets can be left full.
  • Standard file cabinets larger than two drawers should have all drawers above the bottom two drawers emptied.
  • Lateral and fire proof cabinets should be empty.
  • Remember to always pack any fragile or valuable items separately so they will be handled more securely during your move.

    All moving companies are required to assume liability for the value of the goods they transport. We legally are not permitted to call coverage for your processions “insurance.” In the moving industry it is called Valuation Coverage, which provides protection for your valuables.
    There are different levels of liability through Valuation Coverage, and consumers should be aware of the amount of protection provided and the charge for each option.

    Unless the movers are doing packing, it is rare that they would have any packing materials. The exception would be wardrobe boxes. If you want us to move your hanging clothes, let our sales staff know and the movers will bring wardrobe boxes out to accommodate your needs.

    Tipping is optional. However, moving is a personal service and tips are greatly appreciated.

    Definitely. The biggest protection you can have is good movers and we have great movers. But to take the extra step, we use floor runners and door jam protectors on every move.

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